What We Do

• SYNAPSE provides cutting edge developmental research and tailored products for the treatment of Haemostasis and Thrombosis. We provide a critical commercial bridge between the health care research sector (i.e., biochemistry/molecular biology) and the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences product industry.


• We partner with pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses and deliver tools used to measure antiplatelet drugs and clotting factor inhibitors, define their effects on animals and humans (both in vitro and in vivo environments) and we create diagnostic procedures based on specific coagulation interactions.


• SYNAPSE supplies cutting edge analytics on the Thrombin generating process of the body’s platelet plasma environment and use the bloodstream as a primary diagnostic tool and a pharmaceutical delivery system.


Who We Are

We are a team of physicians, pharmacists, biochemists and engineers. These skills have been honed in the laboratory environment. Our talents provide us with the capability to bridge the research and commercial worlds. SYNAPSE brings state-of-the art insights to addressing and solving blood disease worldwide.


What sets SYNAPSE apart is that we have combined the key components necessary for innovative science:


•  Basic Research Expertise


•  Applied Clinical Research


•  Concept/Product Development


Our core leadership includes a distinguished expert in Thrombin research (Dr. H. C. Hemker), a renowned thought and practice leader in Haemostasis (Dr. Bas de Laat) and an eminent blood coagulation authority (Dr. R. Wagenvoord).


Operating at the intersection of academic research and the world of economically driven product development SYNAPSE provides a range of professional services to a wide range of clients including:


•   Advisory services for Thrombin  Generation and Coagulation Formation


•  Customized diagnostic assessment and testing methods


•  State-of-the-Art laboratories (ISO 9001-2008 Certification) offering complete blood analysis and testing services


•  Purified Bovine and Human-Sourced Coagulation Factors and Test Kits


•  Customized software solutions.


SYNAPSE professionals are available to work with organizations on a wide range of blood health issues.





  • The Field of Thrombosis and Haemostasis


    SYNAPSE’S core competencies all revolve around basic and applied clinical research and pharmaceutical product development. These three interrelated areas all are firmly grounded in the laboratory environment. As a firm we are proud of our unique capabilities as laboratory scientists and researchers with proven expertise in blood science protocols and research methods. Our people’s knowledge and capabilities in laboratory work is what raises SYNAPSE above the rest of the field. 
    SYNAPSE maintains a series of blood research laboratories located at Maastricht University in the Limburg Province of the Netherlands. Collectively known as the Hemker Laboratories after Dr. H. C. Hemker these labs support a wide variety of research activities. Brief biographies of our key personnel is provided below.

  • Bas de Laat, MD PhD - General Director

    Dr. Bas de Laat is a recognized thought leader in the study of Thrombin Generation. Dr. de Laat is a lead researcher at SYNAPSE overseeing cutting edge research in three separate research laboratories. Dr. de Laat also works in the Department of Biochemistry at the Maastricht University Medical Center, the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haemostasis at the University Medical Center, Utrecht and is a visiting professor at The Scripps Research Institute.


    Dr. de Laat received his PhD on antiphospholipid antibodies and thrombosis in 2005. Dr. de Laat then worked under Prof. Ph.G. de Groot at the UMC Utrecht studying Beta2-glycoprotein I and antiphospholipid antibodies. In 2006 he became a Senior Post-Doctoral researcher under K. Mertens and led the Experimental Blood Coagulation laboratory at the Sanquin Blood Supply foundation. Dr. de Laat secured a fellowship from the Netherlands Heart Foundation to investigate the role of beta2-glycoprotein I on platelet adhesion to Von Willebrand Factor (VWF). In 2009 Dr. de Laat worked at the Scripps Research Institute’s Ruggeri Laboratories in La Jolla, California researching the relationships between VWF, GPIb and thrombin. In 2011 Dr. de Laat received a grant from the Netherlands Heart Foundation to investigate the interaction between VWF and fibrin with the research objective being the characterization of thrombin generation under various flow conditions.



  • Coen Hemker, MD PhD - Research Director

    Prof. H. C. Hemker obtained both an MD and PhD from the University of Amsterdam. Dr. Hemker trained in pediatrics and chemical pathology and in 1962 he became a principle investigator overseeing Haemostasis and Thrombosis research at the University of Leiden. He became professor of internal medicine in Leiden in 1968 and an adjunct professor at the free university of Brussels in 1972. In 1973 Dr. Hemker became head of the basic sciences department at the new medical school at Maastricht. In 1975 he became chairman of the department of Biochemistry. From 1982-1985 he was rector magnificus of the university. He is a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1986.


    Hemker has been visiting professor at the medical faculty of Paris and the Collège de France and affiliated professor at Mount Sinai Medical School (New York, USA). Dr. Hemker is coauthor of over 500 scientific articles and several books related to blood science. Dr. Hemker retired from his university chair in 1999 and became head of a research group within the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) and director of Synapse BV. Currently Prof. Hemker serves as research director of Synapse BV.



  • Iris Thuis - Management Assistant

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  • Rob van der Zander - Financial Director

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  • De Laat Laboratory - Research Lab 1

    Bas de Laat, MD PhD - General Director

    Hilde Kelchtermans, PhD - Head Research Laboratory


    The De Laat Research Laboratory 1 has a primary research focus on the hemostasis interaction between coagulation factors and cellular blood components. The laboratory has designed a method that enables the measurement of thrombin generation both in plasma and whole blood. By incorporating the cellular characteristics and applying these to thrombin generation the lab has gained significant insights into blood and cellular physiology. A related research focus under investigation is bringing the aspect of directing blood towards thrombin generation sites. SYNAPSE has recently secured a patent for this process. INCOAG and PREBAT research grants from the Center of Translational Molecular Medicine is researching the design of a near patient method for measuring of thrombin.



    Hilde Kelchtermans, PhD    Head Research Laboratory


    Theo Lindhout, PhD            Senior scientist


    Marisa Ninivaggi, PhD         Post-doctoral Scientist


    Ankie van Geffen, PhD        PhD student


    Cécile Kicken                       PhD student


  • De Laat Laboratory - Research Lab 2


    The De Laat Research Laboratory 2 has a primary research focus on the measurement of the formation and visualization of fibrin. SYNAPSE is collaborating with PhenomWorld on new methods to detect differences in the formation of fibrin during the coagulation process in patients with bleeding problems. This laboratory is equipped with the latest scanning electron microscope linked to specialized software to measure fibrin thickness and pore size of the formed clot automatically.


    Evelien Schurgers, PhD         Post-doctoral Scientist


    Martijn Moorlag                      PhD student



  • De Laat Laboratory - Research Lab 3


    The De Laat Research Laboratory 3 has a primary research focus on in-vivo characterization of the coagulation system and kinetics. This research is performed in conjunction with SYNAPSE’S Kelchtermans Clinical Interface Laboratory purification lab). Research lab 3 has an outstanding track record linking basic findings to clinical and diagnostic applications. Major research focus areas include reducing the use of animals in medical research, studying protein-protein interaction using Surface Plasmon Resonance or Elipsometry. Lab 3 is equipped with several state-of-the-art Ellipsometers. In collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry of the Maastricht University and the Netherlands Heart Foundation Lab 3 studies thrombin generation under various laminar flow conditions.


    Adam Miszta, PhD                         Post doc


    Leonie Pelkmans                           PhD student



Roest Laboratories: Mark Roest - Head Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory of Synapse BV is an established center for thrombosis and hemostasis innovation and utilisation. An efficient infrastructure has been built on high qualified people and a well equiped laboratory to bring innovative ideas from basic science to clinical applications. Since 2010 this laboratory has been certified as ISO9001-2008 compliant. The laboratory has extensive ties to pharmaceutical companies for contract research and product development and verification testing.


Focus areas of the Clinical Laboratory of Synapse BV


1. Whole blood thrombin generation


SYNAPSE BV has developed and patented a method that enables the measurement of thrombin generation in whole blood. This enables the inclusion of the cellular aspect in coagulation and exploration of the interface and interactions between coagulation factors and blood cells. The Clinical Laboratory will validate and utilize this test for future clinical applications in different clinical studies. In collaboration with the De Laat laboratories this lab obtained a grant from the Center of Translational Molecular Medicine and PREBAT that allows for clinical research of whole blood using thrombin generation assay.

Mark Roest,       PhD Head Clinical Laboratory




Dana Huskens             PhD Post-doctoral Scientist


Joke Konings               PhD Post-doctoral Scientist


Saartje Bloemen          PhD student


Abdulrahman Badwi     Visiting Scientist


Vera Ignjatovic              Visiting Scientist



2. Monitoring of Direct Oral Anti Coagulants (DOACS)


The Clinical Laboratory of Synapse BV investigates the pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (e.g., factor Xa and factor IIa inhibitors) and the actions of the body’s anticoagulant system using various anticoagulant treatment regimes.


3. Platelet Activation Test (PACT)


The Clinical Laboratory of Synapse BV has developed a novel high throughput platelet activation test (PACT). The test has been validated for platelet function in thrombocytopenia, platelet function in platelet concentrates, thrombopathy diagnosis and monitoring of platelet inhibitors. The test will now be prepared for the market.


4. Further Innovation


The Clinical Laboratory of Synapse BV is currently validating novel approaches to monitor fibrin structures, platelet shape changes and specific microparticle formations.

The Wagenvoord Enzymology and Purification Laboratory conducts research to chart the kinetics of coagulation.


The laboratory works to measure the central enzyme of coagulation - thrombin. The laboratory researches coagulation via several ways. One is the design and production of different substrates sensitive to thrombin. Another is the simulation of coagulation by using thrombin generation. Simulating coagulation and the kinetics of different enzyme reactions provides far more accurate predictions of potential hemostatic problems for thrombosis or bleeding patients.


The laboratory conducts the purification of bovine and human plasma proteins and several of key reagents used in commercial diagnostic kits for Thrombinoscope analysis. The Thrombinoscope is the commercial automated method to measure thrombin generation in research settings.



Rob Wagenvoord, PhD        Senior scientist




Erik de Smedt, PhD             Senior technician


Tessa Peters, MSc               Lab technician


 Romy Kremers                    PhD student


Thrombin generation / Coagulation testing


Thrombin generation is a unique way to test for changes in the hemostatic system and therefore is an ideal method to study anticoagulants and antithrombotics. We have supported, designed and performed many clinical studies for small and major pharmaceutical companies to study the effect of certain medication on the hemostatic system. This does not only relate to the known antithrombotics but also to medication not directly aimed for influencing the hemostatic system.


We have an unique team ranging from medical doctors, pharmacists, biochemists and engineers that can help in deciding which method might be ideal for a certain drug to test its influence on hemostasis.

For more information: b.delaat@thrombin.com


Price List Coagulation Factors and software


We deliver high-quality purified coagulation factors from bovine source. Not included in these prices is shipping and handling and VAT. Above € 1200 shipping is free. If you need human coagulation factors then please contact us: e.desmedt@thrombin.com



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